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  • 08.22.2013
    Site Maintenance this weekend

    Our server is moving this weekend and the server's IP will be changing.  You may not be able to load the following websites until DNS changes have completely propogated.

  • 06.08.2012
    Origins 2012 Wrap-up

    Greetings all!

    With Origins behind us now, I wanted to take a moment and thank all of the Agents and Players who came out to make this one of the best Origins ever. It was a fun filled weekend that was desperately needed in many ways.  Each one of you that came to help and play made an impact and you are very much appreciated.  Without you, we could not have done it.  So, a few tidbits of info:

    Over the course of the weekend we ran 120 miniatures events with 22 Agents! That alone is totally awesome! In those 120 events (four of which we didn't even schedule!) we had 454 players attend them.  That does not mean 454 unique players, as many of our players played in multiple events, it means we had 454 "slots" of attendance. Broken down further, we had 242 tickets and 230 generic tokens given to play in our events.  And the last number I have to share is all of this translates into 855 hours of players having fun in our events.  This could not be possible without you guys.

    It was so awesome to see the introductory events, Shakedown Cruise for Leviathans and Bootcamp for Battletech, packed with new players learning how to play our games!  It was also awesome to see players and Agents enjoying themselves at all of our events in the miniatures hall.  I only got to pop into the RPG area a few times, but again it was busy all convention too!

    I want to give a big shout out to Bull, Tinner, Ray, and everyone else that made the "special" event on Saturday happen.  Pretty much last minute, an awesome event was dropped into their laps and they made it happen without complaint and with fun for everyone involved! The incredible Felica Day wanted to learn how to play Shadowrun, and in record times these guys made it happen.  If you've seen any of the photos on CGL's facebook page, I think you could say she had fun.

    The minis hall had a celebrity attend one of our events as well, Sandra Garrity wanted to learn how to play Leviathans and our own Jen made her feel welcome, at ease, and really enjoy herself!  

    So again, thank you to everyone that could make it! I hope everyone had fun and I look forward to another Origins in 2013!

    Michael aka southpaw13


  • 10.28.2010
    Winter World Wide Event: Operation Klondike

    On 2 July 2821 Operation Klondike began on the Pentagon Worlds but when the Clans came to Arcadia they descended into hell.  Clan Star Adder often fought against horrendous odds but they rose to challenge and many warriors wrote their own legacies in those battles.

     This is the Winter 2010 Battletech World-Wide Historical Event!  Prepare to see whether you can defend your territory against the Clan usurpers or will you prove the superiority of the Way of the Clans.  What legacy will you write?

    This event will run from the beginning of November to the end of December and consists of three scenarios.  Check with your local Agent/Venue to see when and where you can participate in this great event.  Also check back here or on the CBT website here: is hosted by Solaris7 Enterprises
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