Demonstration Team

Random Unit Generation

To generate a random unit based on the recently published Faction Specific Unit List please choose from the following options.

Generation Tips:
  • Era: You may select multiple Era's or leave this option blank. Choosing an Era will limit you to ONLY units that have that era listed.
  • Level: You may add or remove Level's from the list. This will limit you to only units of that level.
  • Weight Class:This applies to BattleMechs, Fighters, and Vehicles ONLY. These unit types will have their weight class randomly selected based on the Random Lance Type table from BMR:r page 109. Choosing a Light class will modify a 2D6 by -2 and then select the weight class based on the result.

General Choices

Era: Selecting an Era will limit the units that may be randomly chosen from to ONLY those units that have the selected Era associated with them. For more choice either leave this option blank or select multiple Era's (Use SHIFT or CTRL)
Level: Level 1  Level 2  Level 3

Specific Unit Choices

Weight Class:
Aero/Conv. Fighter:
Select Battle Armor Only
Battle Armor/Infantry:
Small Craft:
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