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  • 09.15.2009
    2009 World Wide Event - Coils Around the Nest

    On 8 September 3065, Clan Steel Viper launched an assault on the Snow Raven industrial capital of Lum. The conflict lasted five weeks and seriously disrupted Clan Snow Raven’s manufacturing operation. The campaign was bloody but the tenets of zellbrigen were followed for the most part.

    On 12 October Clan Steel Viper began to withdraw its forces from the planet’s surface. They would sustain severe damage during their retreat.

    Both Clans claimed victory.

    The Catalyst Demo Team World Wide Event for Fall/Winter 2009 is called "Coils Around the Nest". This will be available to play in  from October 15th to November 29th.  Check with your local Agent to see if it is being run at a Firebase near you.  As for the forces you will need, that is also something you will have to check with your local Agent.  You can also find a thread on the forums to ask questions and find answers.


    I hope you'll all be able to come out, play, and have fun!

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